Tourist intelligence services

Tourist intelligence unit certified by MicePlannet.

This intelligence unit allows identification of trends, new markets and distribution channels to apply to your events. In addition, we are the first company in Spain to certify us in the norm AENOR 16606.

Sun-Bleisure digital directory.

Thanks to our partner, Ideal Tours, we can put at your disposal a directory that allows you to select and classify the experiences according to their type: gastronomic, sports, cultural, relaxation, etc.

Data directory and social media reports.

From Incentivos Benidorm we put at your disposal infographics that facilitate the visualization of the information of your event. data referring to the assistants to the transfer or the excursions, as well as other data of interest as number of consultations made at the hospitality desk. We will also make a video summary of the event and the different services provided.

What else do you need?



Nowadays communication has great importance in our lives, including events. That’s why we offer photography, public relations, technical secretary, protocol and a long etcetera.



Setting up of stages, video, sound, lighting, screens. We put at your disposal all our material and our technical capacity to solve any audiovisual need that your event has.

de Training.


Knowing how to meet the need of your event is easy if the workers are well trained. Incentivos Benidorm trains the participants of the event as authentic professionals at the field of Mice.